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Your business has access to more customer data than ever before, particularly in your contact centers. The key is knowing the best way to extract and utilize that data. Two solutions that are often used are speech analytics and voice analytics. While both solutions analyze phone conversations to gain customer and business insights, their methods are quite different.

A speech analytics solution focuses on the actual spoken content of a conversation. A speech analytics engine analyzes the content and context of agent-customer interactions. This is accomplished with phonetic indexing or converting speech into text to organize the content. Speech analytics technology makes it possible to search for and locate specific keywords in customer interactions. This makes it easy to get a glimpse of how the agent handled calls related to certain topics and to uncover the context of the conversation.

Call center managers can then dig into each call to determine whether or not the customer received the needed information. Speech analytics solutions locate keywords and syllables based on a framework series of searches, which is most often set up by the business itself. By revealing the most common words and phrases customers say during a conversation, businesses can get better insights into trends. The business can use that to make more informed decisions, improve agent performance, and ultimately give customers the best experience possible.

If speech analytics focuses on the content within agent-customer conversations, voice analytics focuses on how it was said. Voice analytics works by analyzing the audio patterns for certain features, such as tone, pitch, stress, tempo, and rhythm, to derive emotional content.

However, a voice analytics solution can detect cues, such as sarcasm or anger, which can completely change the meaning of the word. Understanding the emotions behind what customers say is a crucial factor in providing an excellent experience. Now that you know the difference between speech analytics and voice analytics technology, how do you know which would be more beneficial to your contact center and business.

Here are a few important aspects to consider when deciding between the two solutions:. Speech analytics and voice analytics are easily confused. Even businesses that use one or the other tend to conflate the two.

Now that you know what distinguishes one from the other, you are better equipped to choose the solution that will help take your contact center data to new heights!

Speech Analytics A speech analytics solution focuses on the actual spoken content of a conversation. Voice Analytics If speech analytics focuses on the content within agent-customer conversations, voice analytics focuses on how it was said.

Voice Analytics vs. Speech Analytics: Key Differences

Which Solution is Right for Your Business? After all, someone may sound tired or exasperated for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with their interactions with the contact center agent. Specific keywords and phrases are shown to be strong indicators of a potential sales opportunity, whether direct, cross, or up, as well as what may cost money, such as a potential cancellation.

When those words are said, they provide solid evidence of these occasions, as opposed to the more abstract aspects of vocal tones and emotions. Script compliance is essential to many businesses, particularly in more regulated industries. In this case, what is said is far more important than how it was said. Keyword detection predicts customer wants and needs with more accuracy than voice analytics, delivering the tools needed to build a more effective solution that will keep customers happy.Despite the many digital support options now available to consumers, voice channels still command Consider that on average, there are 15 words per Tweet, roughly 22 words per sentence in a chat, but 1, words in a five-minute phone call.

Assuming a call center of seats, that is million words per month! Speech analytics make it possible to extract value from every one of those million words by ensuring that every customer conversation is recorded, transcribed, indexed and analyzed. But to derive the most value from speech analytics, you must apply its capabilities to the right high-value interactions.

Here are six ways to optimize your speech analytics program to enhance the customer experience, boost operational efficiency and increase sales. But in practice, identifying solutions in the contact center to improve customer experience or operational effectiveness may be more difficult to find than that wayward needle.

In fact, the random nature of traditional QA programs makes effective analysis unlikely. In practice, only one percent of calls are evaluated by customer experience management, leaving 99 percent unexamined. Grasping at straws is no way to manage customer experience.

Speech analytics, however, can identify clear gaps in service delivery, helping to guide your action plan to improve customer conversations while enhancing processes. Traditional measures of customer satisfaction, based on surveys and NPS scores, are not able to provide a complete picture of the customer experience.

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The most disgruntled customers will likely not respond to a survey, which in any case, may not provide a full and clear explanation of the root cause driving your customer out the door. At some point, these potential detractors likely told an agent in your contact center what was wrong.

Speech analytics allows you to capture these negative sentiments and what led to them early on. You can build predictive models with this knowledge, enabling your brand to take corrective action and reach out to potential detractors to rectify the situation before it escalates.

For example, if you want to hone in on why customers may be cancelling their accounts, speech analytics will provide key words, phrases or themes occurring on cancellation calls, so you can better predict and prevent a customer from leaving.

Speech analytics will also detect emotion in a call, and can help analysts find the triggers for anger and frustration. Once discovered, you can create action plans for avoiding them in the first place.

Speech-to-text analysis can tell you exactly why and what to do to improve. Through the use of speech analytics, we identified the top customer concerns and discovered that a third of them were already addressed somewhere on the promotional website.

Knowing how your customers describe the problems they are trying to solve also makes it possible to align self-help content so that it is instantly recognizable and relevant. Speech analytics provides the method to learn that language, so that you can mimic customer words, phrases and the order in which they ask their questions.

If you and your customers are speaking the same language, you maximize your chances of solving their problems quickly, and with minimal frustration. Generating revenue from your contact center is a worthy goal, and one more easily realized with speech analytics. You can analyze the differences between every successful and non-successful sales call.

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What phrases were associated with the successful sale or upsell? Where in the call did the sale occur? What words or phrases are counter-productive? With speech analytics you can compare the terms, phrases, flow of the calls and timing of the ask between top-performing and low-performing sales agents, to unearth best practices. Looking at the techniques of the top agents, an analysis showed that agents who told customers that they could be earning interest on their checking account, and then asking if they could set up that feature for them, nearly quadrupled their sales success.

For highly regulated sectors, how can you ensure your agents are complying percent of the time? Likely the vast majority are, but with traditional monitoring and QA your chances of catching and correcting noncompliance are slim, leaving you unaware of any exposure.

By monitoring for certain keywords or phrases in every call, or the absence of certain phrasesyou can zero in on the calls most likely to be in non-compliance. For example, one speech analytics client was able to flag eight calls out of 1, that were potential risks.

Finding those three calls out of eight was more cost effective, rapid and realistic, than manually weeding through all 1, Speech analytics is the only way to know if your agents are compliant percent of the time, an ability certain to please and reassure regulators.

Speech analytics opens the door to a greater understanding of how brands can improve customer experience across every touchpoint. Knowing where to apply it is a key to deploying the technology successfully. TELUS International takes a unique approach by linking speech analytic technology with Lean Six Sigma methodology to ensure maximum return on investment.An all-inclusive speech analytics application that enables you to visualize your audio using state-of-the-art speech recognition, transcription and text analytics technologies.

Solutions and recommendations tied to specific and quantifiable ROI for your investment. Ensures clear realization of your expectations and our outputs. With SmartSpeech, you do not pay for anything upfront. You pay for what you use for your project and your results.

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SmartSpeech brings the lowest ingestion rates in the market for your data. Now invest confidently in speech analytics. SmartSpeech, an advanced speech analytics software groups data into dimensions and measurements for unfolding complex relationships between business variables.

For example, relationships between sales by Geography, Time and Demography. Speech analytics software enables you to deep dive into categorized calls and even suggests root causes for the issues you are facing. It also helps in performing comparisons based on demography, time and gender. Keyword Spotting through speech analytics software helps you in identifying the right keywords in utterances by analysing conversation between your agents and the customers.

SmartSpeech can help you derive actionable insights from the large volumes of unstructured data of your contact center through its speech analytics software suite. This speech analytics software is your ideal solution for reducing your operational expenses by identifying and eliminating the factors contributing to your increased running costs. Experts are available for consult for your requirement and business needs whom you can rely on for best results.

Simple and straightforward analytics platform with a non-complex, highly user-friendly application interface. Comes with features like speaker separation, gender identification and even sensitive information redaction. Our clients love working with us. Here are some of their kind words for our team. SmartSpeech team made speech analytics deployment a breeze and we started seeing results in one week flat.

Our Speech project implementation and transition was extremely smooth. Folks from SmartSpeech are extremely professional and they made the whole effort look easy.The process is used by contact centers to extract information from interaction of clients with the organization. The technology can identify cost drivers, strengths and weaknesses with processes and products, trend analysis and help to understand how marketplace recognizes the offerings.

The demand for this market increases with experience and knowledge of third party resources for implementation of such solutions. A major driving force for the speech analytics market is the growing customer interaction by various channels such as voice, social channels, and surveys. The major restraining factor of this sector is the associated high costs especially the cost of software licensing.

Market Scenario:. The major factors contributing to growth of speech analytics market are the increasing need for customer relationship management, rise in level of competitiveness amongst the existing players, new product development, and rigorous management.

Intended Audience. Key Players. IsraelAvaya, Inc. USCalabridge, Inc. The Global Speech Analytics Market has been segmented on the basis of type, deployment and organization size. Types include — Solutions such as analysis and query tools, dash boards and reporting tool, indexing and speech engine and Services among others.

The deployment includes- cloud and on-premise. Regional Analysis. The regional analysis of speech analytics market is being studied for areas such as Asia pacific, North America, Europe and rest of the world. North America would be the largest growing market in terms of revenue generation because of large number of analytics vendors present in the region. Asia pacific region has a huge potential of growth owing to increasing use of technology and huge investments in contact centers.

Calabridge, Inc. The speed analytics solutions are; dash boards and reporting tool, analysis and query tools, speech engine and Services, and indexing.

Speech Analytics

The high adoption of speech analytics by companies to improve customer services can propel the worldwide speech analytics market expansion. North America being a developed economy can cause generation of substantial valuation in the study period. What is the growth scope of the speech analytics market?

The global market of speech analytics can value at USD 1. Who are key players of the speech analytics market? What are speech analytics solutions? What are speech analytics market drivers? What is the regional analysis of the speech analytics market?Text Analysis TA aims to extract machine-readable information from unstructured text in order to enable data-driven approaches towards managing content.

To overcome the ambiguity of human language and achieve high accuracy for a specific domain, TA requires the development of customized text mining pipelines. Text Analysis is about parsing texts in order to extract machine-readable facts from them. The purpose of Text Analysis is to create structured data out of free text content.

The process can be thought of as slicing and dicing heaps of unstructured, heterogeneous documents into easy-to-manage and interpret data pieces. The central challenge in Text Analysis is the ambiguity of human languages. Not having the background knowledgea computer will generate several linguistically valid interpretations, which are very far from the intended meaning of this news title. People not interested in baseball will have trouble understanding it, too.

Achieving high accuracy for a specific domain and document types require the development of a customized text mining pipeline, which incorporates or reflects these specifics. Modern Text Analysis technology extensively interplays with knowledge graphs KG :. Ontotext Platform implements all flavors of this interplay linking text and big Knowledge Graphs to enable solutions for content tagging, classification and recommendation.

Examples of the typical steps of Text Analysis, as well as intermediate and final results, are presented in the fundamental What is Semantic Annotation?

Text Analysis and Text Mining are used as synonyms. Information Extraction is the name of the scientific discipline behind text mining. The article What is Information Extraction? All these terms refer to partial Natural Language Processing NLP where the final goal is not to fully understand the text, but rather to retrieve specific information from it in the most practical manner.

What is Text Analysis?

This means making a good balance between the efforts needed to develop and maintain the analytical pipeline, its computational cost and performance e. The latter is measured with recall extraction completenessprecision quality of the extracted information and combined measures such as F-Score. You will often find Text Analysis used interchangeably with Text Analytics.

And while to the untrained mind these might sound like synonyms, from the point of view of practice and experience, there is a subtle difference worth mentioning.

4 Ways To Use Call Recordings and Speech Analytics to Improve Performance

Case in point, Text Analysis helps translate a text in the language of data. In this sentence, Text Analysis is what you do in order to transform the sentence into data and be able to present to computers what this text is about: Rome, the Roman Empire. Then, once presented in the universal language of data, this sentence can easily enter many analytical processes, Text Analytics included. With Text Analytics, you will be able to derive a conclusion about the percentage of texts that mention Rome in the context of the Roman Empire, and not in the context of vacations in Europe, for instance.

Companies use Text Analysis to set the stage for a data-driven approach towards managing content. The moment textual sources are sliced into easy-to-automate data pieces, a whole new set of opportunities opens for processes like decision making, product development, marketing optimization, business intelligence and more. When turned into data, textual sources can be further used for deriving valuable information, discovering patterns, automatically managing, using and reusing content, searching beyond keywords and more.

Using Text Analysis is one of the first steps in many data-driven approaches, as the process extracts machine-readable facts from large bodies of texts and allows these facts to be further entered automatically into a database or a spreadsheet.

The database or the spreadsheet are then used to analyze the data for trends, to give a natural language summary, or may be used for indexing purposes in Information Retrieval applications.

Knowledge Graphs Help Text Analysis Modern Text Analysis technology extensively interplays with knowledge graphs KG : Big graphs provide background knowledge, human-alike concept and entity awarenessto enable a more accurate interpretation of the text; The results of the analysis are semantic tags annotations that link references in the text to specific concepts in the graph.

These tags represent structured metadata that enables better search and further analytics; Facts extracted from the text can be added to enrich the Knowledge Graph.

Text Analysis vs. Text Mining vs. In a business context, analyzing texts to capture data from them supports the broader tasks of: content management; semantic search; content recommendation; regulatory compliance.

Want to learn more about Text Analysis and its applications?

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speech analytics lab exam key

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speech analytics lab exam key

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No notes for slide. All rights reserved. Maximize Sales EffectivenessAre we maximizing every revenue opportunity? Contact Center Enterprise 2. Is there aproblem that our customers need to call for resolution?

Improve Business ProcessesHow does the way calls are handled impact my companiesbottom line? Improve Agent PerformanceHow are agents interacting with our customers?

Monitor ComplianceAre we adhering to proper protocols on every call? I need to change my address. I upgraded phone seems to drop camera is great…the my account to a family calls…you guys should internet service has been plan because of the recent have thought of that spotty…my new phoneCustomer promotion on the family sooner has been dropping a lot Text plan…….

Is our payment methodcausing more confusion than resolution? Increase Market IntelligenceWhat do our customers think about our products and services? What ROI to Except?Rachael Royds of CallMiner discusses how call recordings can be paired with speech analytics technology to improve contact centre performance. One of the most common uses of call recordings is for quality monitoring purposes. This means that all the wealth of data hidden in those recordings remains overlooked, making it virtually impossible for managers to get a true sense of the quality of performance of each individual agent.

This will enable you to deliver automated performance feedback to agents and supervisors, and necessary insights to manage any quality assurance processes more efficiently. By utilising recordings in this way, companies can categorise their calls and search for trends in customer behavior e.

Your call recordings can be used to identify customer trends or sales opportunities. You can then identify and correlate desired outcomes of the calls, such as driving successful sales, with certain agent behaviours, skills or language used. Therefore, if you analyse your call recordings with speech analytics, you can identify different ways of making a sale and select the one with the best outcome to create an optimum path.

speech analytics lab exam key

Agents testing this path can be scored against adherence to the desired script or their ability to identify language which indicates a willingness to buy.

Call recordings can help drive the right kind of compliant behaviour. But manual sampling of recorded calls provides little to no prevention of non-compliant behaviour or protection against litigation. This presents a huge risk to the call centre. Instead, you should consider utilising your call recordings in a way that will enhance your continuous monitoring capabilities by tracking every conversation to ensure that the right compliance procedures are in place. Speech analytics or interaction analytics across channels can help by analysing and scoring every single agent interaction, either during or after the call, as opposed to traditional random compliance checks.

The result is lower cost and effort in call centre quality monitoring. Call recordings contain a huge amount of information that can be incredibly useful for coaching and training purposes. However, this insight is often not fully utilised as the manual process of listening to agent calls is very time consuming. This manual approach is also not fair because agent performance is being assessed based on a very thin slice of their calls.

To overcome these weaknesses and use your call recordings to drive smarter training and coaching, you can use call analytics to identify individual coaching and training needs.

This analysis can also provide agents with actionable information they can use to improve their own performance and quality scores. As a result, agents are more likely to embrace the coaching and training because they can see how it will help their performance.

This positive mindset can help to create a culture of self-improvement and continuous improvement. This blog post has been re-published by kind permission of CallMiner — View the original post. Read other posts by CallMiner. Call Centre Helper is not responsible for the content of these guest blog posts.

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